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Juwel Cirax L

Juwel Cirax L

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Cirax - Ceramic Granulate

JUWEL Cirax are highly porous ceramic-based pellets which, due to their extremely large surface area

create the perfect environment fulfilled the bacteria.

In your JUWEL filter, Cirax helps to ensure excellent water quality.

Using a special basket, tailored to the size of your JUWEL filter, makes it easy to use, whilst the optimised filling quantity means a long service life of up to a year.

Characteristics of JUWEL Cirax:

• Excellent water quality due to effective biological cleaning

• Extremely large surface area due to highly porous filter material

• Suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Available sizes:

Cirax M -  88056
Cirax L  -  88106
Cirax XL - 88156